Here are some commonly asked questions about hair extensions

How much are they?
Please see the pricelist where the average price is highlighted for you. However, consultations are available FREE of charge if needed.
How long are they?
Hair lengths available are between 14″- 24″. The most popular length is 18″. The 18″ are all in stock in various colours.
All the other lengths will need to be ordered and will take a few days to deliver.
How long do they last?
The hair will last between 5 months and 1 year depending on how well it is looked after and maintained.
Do they damage your hair?
No. They are safely and securely fitted to your natural hair.
Will they fall out?
You may experience minimum hair loss – on average 2-3 strands. This is usually within the first week of fitting.
Hair will fall out if maintenance is overdue. Maintenance happens 2-3 months after fitting. The same hair is reused
and reattached back at the scalp. This process is repeated until new hair is needed.
Can you see them when they're tied up?
Most clients can tie hair in a half way ponytail with no problems. It depends how fine your hair is and how many extensions you have. I will customise your extensions around your own need to tie it up or not.
Do I need a consultation?
Only if you have a lot of questions or require an exact price before booking in. Hair is in stock so I don’t require you to have a consultation in order to do your hair.
How long does it take?
Not long! I ‘m quick. A weave takes around 45 minutes to fit. Micro and Nanos take between 50 minutes – 1.5hr.
Can I dye them?
I don’t recommend you do. However they can be dyed darker but never lighter.
Extensions cannot be fitted until 3 months after child birth.

Extensions cannot be attached to freshly bleached hair. The bleach must be at ten days old – to give the hair chance to recover from the bleaching.

The correct aftercare products are available in store.

Aftercare is essential and you will be given an aftercare advise sheet with the do’s and don’t for looking after your extensions.

Matting will only happen if aftercare isn’t in adherred to. (Heat damage and incorrect products are the usual problems).