Shampoo and conditioner 

Shampoo the extensions once a week, gently pat/rub the shampoo against the hair. Baby shampoo is the idea choice as it is mild and won’t have an adverse effect on your new hair. The market has thousands of products that are too harsh to use on extension hair, so the less chemicals the better.

Take time to rinse the shampoo out from your hair, if product is left on the scalp it can cause your head to itch.

Use an intense, deep conditioner from the mid length to the ends of the hair. Leave the conditioner on for as long as possible, to give the new hair chance to soak in the moisture. Do not let the conditioner get on the bonds or track, as this can cause them to slip.

A good quality hair serum or oil will also help to preserve the life of the hair. Simply rub a little Morrocan oil or Argan oil on the ends of the hair to keep it soft and smooth.

Please steer clear of products containing Parabens or Sulphates. 

Brushing and Heat 

Never brush your new hair whilst wet as this will split the hair.

Leave the hair to dry naturally for as long as possible, then blast with a hair dryer before running a brush through. A paddle brush or tangle teezer are perfect. Simply hold the hair in your fist and lightly brush the hair. Take some time to check that the bonds at the top haven’t crossed over each other and gently correct them if they have.

When showering the water will cause your new hair to be heavier when wet. This extra weight can place strain on your natural hair. To avoid damage or slippage hold the extension hair whilst washing and brushing, as this will protect the roots of your natural hair.

Your new hair can be blown dry, curled or straightened. However, take time, care and consideration with the extensions, as you would your own hair and don’t go too mad. The extension hair likes to be styled but too much heat will cause the ends to thin and break off.

Sleep, Swim and Matting

Always sleep with the hair tied up, as this prevents it from matting. It can be pulled into a low ponytail, or tied in a plait.

Take care when swimming by tying the extensions into a loose bun on the top of your head. Ideally wear a swim hat. Chlorine can cause the bonds to dissolve and become weak if the hair is not rinsed properly after a swim.

Matting is a problem that is easily avoided. As long as your new hair is being brushed properly and you are sleeping with it tied up, matting will not occur.

It is normal to lose 3 or 4 extensions. If you loose more bonds than this, or if you have any problems with the hair itself, please get in touch. Our high standard of customer care guarantees that we will check the extensions after fitting as well as your natural hair to ensure it is coping with the extra weight of your new hair.

Always contact me with any questions or concerns you may have …

Happy New Hair!